Mediation and facilitation on the Colorado Front Range

Prepayment for cases referred by a court

Prepayment for all cases is required no later than 14 days prior to the date of a scheduled mediation.

Choose a payment option below based on your case. Transactions will be completed on PayPal and may use your PayPal account, a credit card or a debit card. If you are unsure what type of case you have, please contact the mediator.

A PayPal account is not required. When you reach the payment page, simply click Pay with Debit or Credit Card

Domestic Relations

(divorce/separation/child custody)

$75 per party, per hour, two hour minimum. Each party prepays $150.

Prepay $150:

Name/Case Number:

District Court Civil Cases

(Money matters over $25,000)

$75 per party, per hour, minimum two hour mediation plus one hour prep time. Each party prepays $225. Please provide documents to be reviewed.

Prepay $225:

Name/Case Number:

County Civil Cases

(Money matters $25,000 or less, housing cases)

$50 per party, per hour, two hour minimum. Each party prepays $100.

Prepay $100:

Name/Case Number:

Reduced or waived fees

If the court or the Office of Dispute Resolution has approved a fee reduction, the cost for a 2-hour mediation for one party is $30. Each party must be approved separately. If you have been approved for a fee reduction, please contact the mediator. You must provide a copy of the fee reduction notification to the mediator either by email or at your mediation session.

More information on reduced fees for court-referred cases (see Request for Reduced Fees in the sidebar and submit your completed form to the court).

El Paso County cases only: Application form for fee reduction (follow the instructions on page one).

Pay by mail:

Please mail checks to

Avant Mediation
12 N Broadway #214
Denver CO 80203