Mediation and facilitation on the Colorado Front Range

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Avant mean?

Avant means forward, or ahead. It comes from the French avant, and Latin abate. We created Avant Mediation to offer forward-thinking services. We offer mediation that will move your case forward, will help you resolve issues in a meaningful way. Everyone handles conflict differently, but in order to work through the conflict, each party needs an opportunity to first discuss the issues and be heard by the other side. Whether you or your business need a written Memorandum of Understanding (MOU, or agreement) to be accepted by the court, or you need a plan for your organization to move forward, the first step is facilitating a discussion.

What does Avant Mediation offer?

We offer mediation and facilitation services to fit your needs. Currently all sessions are held via confidential online services. Ms. Koehler also provides mediation through the Colorado Office of Dispute Resolution in El Paso, Teller, Fremont, Chaffee and Park Counties, plus across the state. Whether you have a court-related matter that you would like resolved, you have monetary or neighbor issues, or your agency would like a facilitator to move your organization forward, Avant Mediation offers years of experience and training to help you reach a concrete agreement.

How long will it take to finalize my agreement?

The types of issues to be resolved determine the time needed for facilitation or mediation. Most domestic relations cases (divorce, allocation of parental responsibilities/child custody, parenting time) take 2-8 hours depending on the complexity and the number of issues. We set all cases for a minimum of two hours and on occasion we will need additional sessions to complete the agreement. The mediator will discuss the appropriate length of time for the session prior to scheduling the mediation or facilitation.

What will I need to bring to the mediation/facilitation?

It is important to gather documents (particularly sworn financial statements), videos/photos of damages, receipts, verifications of value or appraisals to help show the other side your position. Please have these materials ready for your session. You may share electronic documents by email or via a ‘share’ function during the mediation; if you have only paper copies, a camera phone can be used.

What can I expect from an online mediation?

Online mediations are conducted following the same pattern as in-person mediations: sessions are held in a multi-room environment — each party has a private space and the mediator shuttles between the parties. If you have counsel they may be present with you in person or via their own online connection. The session is confidential and all parties must sign any final agreement. In the absence of a computer, tablet or smartphone with video capabilities, one or more parties may participate by telephone.

How do I set up a mediation/facilitation?

Please contact Avant Mediation at 720.310.0586 or email Avant Mediation.